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Gorgeous 2D pixel art metroidvania Noreya launches on Steam

Noreya The Gold Project is a beautiful pixel-art platformer with a huge skill tree and non-linear exploration that just left early access.

We might still have no word on Hollow Knight Silksong, but we’ve nevertheless been spoiled for choice when it comes to top metroidvania games on PC. With stellar newcomers such as Nine Sols, Animal Well, Saviorless, and BioGun following on from the likes of Blasphemous 2 last year, there’s a lot to keep us busy. Now after seven months in early access, the stunning Noreya: The Gold Project makes its arrival in version 1.0 today, and you can try it out with a free demo before you buy.

Set in a dark fantasy world where poverty and famine led to a rift between those worshipping the Gods of Light and Shadow, and those following the Gods of Gold and Corruption, Noreya: The Gold Project lets you choose your allegiance between the two sides. Its breathtaking 2D pixel art and animation are the immediate draw, leading you through its stunning, colorful environments in a non-linear metroidvania game.

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That world is split into two distinct variants for the differing paths, each of which evolve based on your chosen allegiance. You can explore in any direction you want, and take on its 12 major boss fights in whichever order you please. You’ll also encounter a range of other monsters, with developer Dreamirl placing a focus on memorable foes “with innovative gameplay surrounding each monster.”

With a sprawling skill tree featuring 53 abilities to unlock, fast-paced combat with a little of that delightful Dead Cells DNA, and multiple potential endings to discover depending on your chosen side and the decision you make along the way, Noreya is a game you might find yourself coming back to more than once, especially if you’re eager to dig out all the hidden lore nuggets scattered across its beautiful world.

“I am proud of what we did with Noreya: The Gold Project,” creative director Antoine ‘Inateno’ says of the launch. “I think it is a really good, beautiful, and unique game, and there is a lot of content to enjoy for more than 20 hours. I am really excited (and stressed) to see what players will think of it, and if they will understand and find everything I imagined and hid throughout the game.”

Noreya The Gold Project - The protagonist takes on a giant golden knight with a large sword.

Noreya: The Gold Project leaves early access on Steam on Friday June 21 – the price has gone up just a touch for the full release, so expect to pay $27.99 / £20.99. There’s also a demo if you want to download that and try it out first before you buy.

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