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Upcoming Steam strategy game Norse is like Manor Lords with Vikings

Manor Lords, Bellwright, and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla come together for a newly announced Steam strategy game with impressive pedigree.

Norse Steam strategy game: A Viking in a helment from Steam strategy game Norse

Between Civilization 7, Manor Lords, its close rival Bellwright, and Frostpunk 2, it seems we’re going through a strategy game renaissance right now. But whether I’m building, harvesting resources, playing politician, or waging war, I always feel like I’m missing something – I want the strategy gameplay, but with a more robust, propulsive story. Just announced, an upcoming Viking-based builder seems to marry the in-depth, turn-based mechanics of 4X hits with a credible narrative. This could be one for your Steam wishlist.

Norse (why be clever with the name when you can just be straightforward?) is a freshly revealed upcoming strategy game from Arctic Hazard. At its core, it feels like Manor Lords and Bellwright with a Scandinavian twist. As a young Viking warrior, your goal is to found, forge, and protect an incipient settlement, gradually recruiting workers and warriors to add to your warband. Build new amenities, train soldiers, and respond to dynamic events – if you choose to help nearby towns and villages, that could have a positive impact later on, but there might be more to be gained from pillaging them instead.

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So far, so familiar. But more than a lot of its rivals, Norse is focused on narrative. As the young Viking Gunnar, all your building, training, and resource mining is ultimately motivated by a quest for revenge, after a treacherous companion murders your father. The story is written by bestselling author Giles Kristian, creator of the Raven series and Viking novels like Wings of the Storm, Winter’s Fire, and God of Vengeance.

We’re still waiting on any release information for Norse, but the Steam page has just launched and you can add it to your wishlist here. If you want Manor Lords but with more Vikings, or strategy but with a stronger story, this one could well be for you.

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