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Nosgoth enters closed beta February 27th, new skins being designed by Soul Reaver art lead

Nosgoth enters closed beta February 27th

Vampires vs. humans arena scrapper Nosgoth is making the move to closed beta, letting more folk kick in the doors of the grisly game and slaughter each other for gold and glory come February 27th. 

This would be a good thing were it not for the fact that more players probably means I’ll have more competition, and I’ve been rather enjoying not having my ass kicked consistently in an online game for once. 

So if you do see me in a match, please leave me alone. I just want to drink blood and be left in peace.

Daniel Cabuco, art lead for Soul Reaver, has also been roped in to design some classic skins for evolved vampires. This is very, very good news.

While I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the alpha, none of the art evokes memories of Soul Reaver or Legacy of Kain, making it seem even less connected to these amazing twin franchises than it already is. So I’m pretty excited to see what he conjures up.

Closed beta will also see the arrival of the new siege mode. “In Siege, Humans must capture specific locations and keep them safe from Vampires, while the Vampires must satisfy their blood-thirst and hunt down their Human opponents,” Psyonix says. “This is in addition to the asymmetrical, melee versus ranged Team Deathmatch mode that defines Nosgoth’s signature gameplay.”

You can still sign up for closed beta here.