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Nosgoth now in open beta if you fancy a spot of undeathmatch


That’s ‘goth’, as in the sartorial lobbying group with a particular penchant for lace and the colour black. And ‘Nos’, as in the noise a human being makes when a vampire’s tooth goes right through their windpipe.

Depending on whether you ask Steve or Fraser, Nosgoth is either a “disembodied multiplayer game with an dull as balls cast” or “nerve-wracking, savage and empowering”. As with all opposing opinions, only one can be correct. Decide which by playing Nosgoth for yourself in open beta.

Developers Psyonix hope that today’s move into open beta will be another step in a “long, close-knit partnership” with their players.

“Thank you very much for your support, your patience, and your unwavering dedication to Nosgoth over these past several months,” they wrote. “Thank you for your understanding when we ran into issues, and thank you for sticking with us as we figured them out (even when it took longer than predicted).”

Psyonix plan to keep up a quick cadence of updates now the game’s opened up – beginning with the “powerful” Summoner class in a few weeks’ time, and the defense-specialist Human class a few weeks after that.

There’s a new map on its way, too. If you’re into your Legacy of Kain lore, it might matter to you that the Crucible will explore the culture of the Tyrants of Turelim through level design.

Or you might just be interested in a well-balanced multiplayer game with a predatory stealth twist. In which case, sign up for the beta and look to Psyonix’s site for weekly roadmaps. Think you might?