Nosgoth is joining the eSports circuit with Nosgoth Leagues

nosgoth open beta

Gothic vampire deathmatch Nosgoth has got all the pieces required for a bit of eSports success. It’s character classes all have a slight MOBA feel with their abilities, and there’s that constant dance of death as people attack and quickly withdraw as their health notches away. If you’ve been hoping for vampires to infiltrate the eSports circuit, you’re in luck: that’s axactly what Square Enix are going. 

Starting October 1st, Nosgoth Leagues will provide monthly cash prizes for the top 100 players, with first place winning $1,000 USD. Playing in ranked matches will make you eligible to win the prize pool, and anyone who finishes in Bronze tier of above will be rewarded with a prize.

Cash prizes are handed out to the top 100 players (Eternal Tier):

  • 1st = $1000
  • 2nd = $800
  • 3rd = $600
  • 4th = $450
  • 5th = $400
  • 6th = $350
  • 7th = $300
  • 8th = $250
  • 9th = $200
  • 10th = $150
  • 11-30th = $100
  • 31st-50th = $75
  • 51st-75th = $50
  • 76th-100th = $30

Additionally, the top 100 players will also receive a Bloody Victor Alchemist Skin, 4x chest keys, and an Eternal Profile border.

If you don’t rank Eternal, you could rank Blood, Gold, Silver, or Bronze.

Blood ranked players will recieve a Bloody Victor Alchemist Skin, 3 x chest keys, and a Blood profile border. Gold players will pick up a Bloody Victor Alchemist Skin, 2 x chest keys, and a Gold profile border. Silver player get a single chest key and Silver profile border. Bronze players will get just a Bronze profile border.

These rewards are just for season 1, and will change for season 2.