Nosgoth prepares for new Beastmaster class with detailed abilities trailer

Nosgoth Beastmaster

Beastmasters are the latest human character class to descend upon the Early Access-dwelling free-to-play multiplayer Nosgoth. With a penchant for harnessing powerful weaponry, casting primal magic spells and shapeshifting into vicious birds of prey, the Vampires of Nosgoth have their work cut out for them. 

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Coming to Nosgoth “VERY soon”, Beastmasters look pretty impressive. In their shapeshifted airborne form, players will be granted custom abilities, besides the tactical advantage of, you know, being able to literally fly away from confrontation. How that would’ve helped me growing up in Glasgow.

From an attacking perspective, getting the lay of the land from the skies also means you can more easily get the drop on baddies. Human form isn’t strictly gunplay either – secondary abilities such as chain lightning attacks can used to devastating effect.

Here’s developer Psyonix’s Greg Nichols explaining the new unlockable human class in more detail:

“The Beastmasters, also known as the Scourge of the Wild, are bloody handed mystics who serve as vengeful instruments of the natural order,” explains a press release. “They have sworn to cleanse Nosgoth of the blight of Vampire-kind no matter what the cost.” If the video above is anything to go by, it seems like they’re doing an alright job.

Nosgoth currently lives on Early Access, however is “entering the final stages before its official launch.”