Nuclear Throne leaves Early Access behind in a pool of radioactive gunk


Nuclear Throne’s brand of post apocalypse has finally left Early Access, blasting its way onto a full release on Steam and celebrating with a modest launch trailer.

Could Nuclear Throne eventually find its way onto our list of the best indie games on PC?

Nuclear Throne enjoyed a stealth release last night during Sony’s PlayStation Experience conference. It feels like it’s been sat in Early Access for forever now, so it was somewhat surprising to see it get such a low key release, buried a little beneath some big-hitting trailers.

Likewise, its trailer focuses on character and story, rather than the crunchy, fast-paced shooting that makes the roguelike so good. Have a watch:

Despite its no-frills launch, Nuclear Throne is by all accounts a very good videogame, so it’s probably a good idea to get on that.

Nuclear Throne is locked at 30fps, which is maybe worth considering if you’re one of those people who has to play everything at 60fps or above. It also has a forced 4:3 aspect ratio, and controller support is being implemented in the coming weeks.

You can grab Nuclear Throne for PC, Linux and Mac on Steam for £8.99.