Unofficial mod adds online co-op to Nuclear Throne


An unofficial mod, created with the consent of Nuclear Throne’s developer Vlambeer, now lets you rumble through the wasteland with an online pal.

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YellowAfterlife has succeeded in reverse-engineering Nuclear Throne’s inner workings to allow friends to play together over Steam.

In addition, the mod also fixes a bunch of co-op-specific bugs which weren’t hunted down due to Vlambeer being busy with other elements of the game.

Inthe blogannouncing Nuclear Throne Together’s release, YellowAfterlife goes over the monumental effort required to get netplay working as well as the other features it brings.

It turns out the massive number of projectiles and enemies the wasteland likes to throw at you aren’t exactly easy to replicate across low latency connections.

Outside of co-op there’s now also a replay feature which records your runs, if you’re the sort that speedruns.

While not developed by Vlambeer, the creator did consult Rami Ismail, who then went on a legal quest to see if releasing the mod would even be allowed.