Nukem-ers: Gearbox have a new Quebec studio working on a triple-A game

Brothers in Arms

Gearbox Software have a lot of PC gaming history behind them. You may not particularly like the sound of Battleborn, but you’ll love a Borderlands, or a Brothers in Arms, and you can’t argue with Opposing Force. Hopefully the new Gearbox Studio Quebec can help do justice to that back catalogue, with the mystery triple-A production they’ll be working on all next year.

While we’re on the subject, why not reminisce about the best first-person shooters on PC?

Gearbox are currently expanding their new Canadian team with the aim of growing to “full triple-A production capability through 2016”. They’ll be led by creative director Pierre-Andre Dery, who has worked on Skylanders and The Amazing Spider-Man as an Activision art director.

“We have already successfully built an expanded all-new headquarters in Frisco, Texas,” said Randy Pitchford.

“We now look ahead to another key and exciting step which is our commitment towards our all-new Gearbox Studio Quebec. Here, we will we strive to team up with some incredible talent in the world of video game development outside of Texas to help us build fun and exciting video games within our tent-pole brands.”

Return to the Brothers in Arms teepee, Gearbox! And not for Furious 4 – a proper tactical shooter please. Or perhaps you’d prefer to see a different tent-pole propped back up?