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Porn game portal Nutaku is now one of the top 500 websites in the world

Nutaku has gotten far bigger in the past year - to the point where it's top ranked site worldwide

If you’re not familiar with Nutaku, it’s a portal for free-to-play and downloadable games built to facilitate a party that you might invite Paul McCartney to. Statistically, there’s a pretty good chance you already knew that, since Nutaku is now one of the most popular websites in the world – now ranked among the top 500 globally.

Nutaku’s traffic has doubled in a very short time, going from 50 million in April 2018 to 115 million in August. It’s number 426 in web rankings worldwide, and ranks 213 in the US alone. (in case you’re wondering, the more traditional adult entertainment hub xnxx ranks at number seven globally.)

Data comes via analytics at SimilarWeb, and is the subject of a very excited press release Nutaku sent out earlier today. There, product manager Ben Faccio says “in our recent campaign, ‘Hentai is Art’, we launched a pop-up museum in NYC to help address the stigma surrounding adult gaming and hentai, showcasing the popularity of the genre. Reaching a milestone of 100 million monthly visits, along with 20 million registered gamers signifies the support of our consumers and assures confidence in our current business direction.”

The details come up somewhat differently depending on where you’re looking. Alexa, for example, has Nutaku ranked at 1,286 – still a healthy spot, and given the vagaries of reporting web traffic, it’s no surprise to see the numbers coming up differently among different trackers. Both Alexa and SimilarWeb agree, however, that Nutaku has rocketed in popularity over the past year.

Nutaku has invested $13 million in the development of adult games in Latin America and Canada, and has an additional $20 million investment fund in the wings. The company’s trying to broaden the appeal, too.

In our feature on Nutaku’s erotic games, Faccio says “there’s a big stereotype not only in the games but in the porn scene overall. I think most porn websites are made for men and basically the woman is submissive, we know that’s not always the way. We’re trying to create new games with a different angle.”

With Nutaku’s growth and the acceptance of adult content on Steam, porn games are everywhere – our list of the best sex games on PC will soon be fit to burst. Just keep some cleaning supplies around in case somebody else needs to use that mouse, okay?