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Nvidia are bringing the full power of their GTX 980 GPU to laptops


That’s right – Nvidia are cramming the entire power of a desktop-grade graphics card into a range of laptops. Beginning next month, Nvidia will be bringing the GTX 980, an overclockable 2048 CUDA core GPU, to six gaming laptops from Gigabyte, Asus, MSI and Clevo.

Where Nvidia’s previous mobile powerhouse, the 980M, delivered5 Gbps of memory bandwidth and came fitted with 3 phase PSUs, the GTX 980 will be able to deliver 7 Gbps and be powered by4-8 phase power supplies, which will vary by laptop.

Each system will also come with an overclocking tool and a custom-tuned fan curve to cool it when it inevitably gets very, very hot. Though there will be constraints built into each laptop to make sure you don’t push the card too far when overclocking.

There isn’t a release date on these yet, butPC Gamerdid get confirmation thatthere will be SLI configurations of the full-size 980 in laptops, to top it off.

Nvidia have also released anew driverto support the GPU, as well as introducing some fixes.