Nvidia teases a big eye and a date… cue spurious Ampere speculation

Nvidia logo

A strange tweet has been posted on the Nvidia Australia and New Zealand account that reads “19.03.2020”, and includes a mysterious video. Lasting just 18 seconds, the video is three loops of an eye appearing, blinking, and fading away. It’s also got some lines… which could or could not be important.

There are a few mysteries here. What is it? What does it all mean? Why is it only pertinent to Australia and New Zealand? What gives them the right? Do they think they’re better than us with their ‘koalas’ and ‘beautiful landscapes’? Huh, Australia? You think you’re better than me?! And you, New Zealand.

Real talk: perhaps this tweet posted ahead of schedule. Down under is a good few hours ahead of us and time zones are confusing, am I right? In which case it could be a teaser of things to come worldwide on March 19 – perhaps some VR technology, such as foveated rendering, or an upcoming announcement in the real-time ray tracing world. Your guess is as good as mine.

Then again, it could mark the anniversary of when honey bees were introduced into New Zealand back in 1839. That is to say, we just don’t know what it means – so let’s not get carried away.

And what I really mean by that is: don’t jump to the conclusion that this is precursor to an Nvidia Ampere announcement. Wait… eyes… Ampeyes… Nvidia hid the real Declaration of Independence in the Eiffel Tower!

Sorry, there’s just really not much more to say about this tweet. It exists. Someone really good at Sudokus will probably figure it all out.