Nvidia GTX 1080 & 1070 notebook GPUs reportedly coming August, won’t be same specs as desktop cards

Nvidia notebook GPUs

Rumours are circulating about Nvidia’s new generation of GeForce M GPUs (the mobile equivalent of its recently launched Pascal desktop cards) arriving this August. An image that BenchLife claims has come from Nvidia also shows the model name ‘N17X’ in a promotional image for a range of ‘family GPU’ in notebook form factor, suggesting the days of ‘M’ notebook GPUs are done.

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BenchLife’s report claims Nvidia release these notebook GPUs in the first week of August. As for no longer be formally using the ‘M’ suffix to denote mobile versions of their GPUs, that sheds further light on rumours earlier in May that the mobile versions would be identical in specs to their desktop brothers. In that it’s a direct contradiction.

To me, it sounds like some crossed wires. The former situation (different spec mobile GPUs that don’t carry an ‘M’) seems much more likely than the latter (desktop spec cards in notebooks), and the latter might have surfaced up via a miscommunication. That’s the problem with these endless, murky rumours though, isn’t it?

To muddy the waters still further, BenchLife’s original story has since been taken down.

This report from Videocardzappears to discredit earlier claims about the 1080 and 1070 appearing unchanged in specs in notebook form. It shows a Clevo gaming notebook at Computex which uses a 10-series GPU. However, the specs of that GPU reveal it to hvae 2048 CUDA cores, which is more than the 1070 but less than the 1080. “The clock speed is slightly lower than desktop Pascals (1442 MHz), but memory clock is similar to GTX 1070 or RX 480 (8 GHz).”

Nvidia don’t comment on rumours, leaks and unofficial reports, so this is as clear as the picture gets until they’re ready to talk about GeForce 10 notebook GPUs in their own time.