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Nvidia just swiped a little chunk of AMD’s market share

nvidia lawsuit gtx 970

Numbers o’clock in the GPU market: the biggest manufacturers have spooled out a reel of sales figures describing the current landscape. Overall shipments of graphics cards are down 3.4%, with desktop GPUs falling 2.7% and notebooks tumbling 3.9%.

Interestingly however, Nvidia have made gains where AMD have slipped.

Nvidia have enjoyed gains of 3% from last quarter, while rivals AMD have seen shipments falling sharply by 7%. The graphics chip market is of particular interest as it reliably and broadly follows the fortunes of PC gaming, and is one of the leading indicators of the health of the PC market.

That leaves the market share in the graphics chip manufacturing sector looking a little shaken up. Nvidia now command a 15% share, with AMD falling to 13.6%. The remaining share is gobbled up by Intel, whose integrated processors are fairly ubiquitous things.

Jon Peddie has the full report, which goes into the some more detail on the numbers.