Nvidia’s Ultimate Quest contest promises to give winners “something big”

Nvidia ultimate quest

Nvidia are ushering something in, we can’t tell what it is because there’s a big black tarpaulin over it. It could be a whole stack of Titan cards, it could be a white rhino in a tutu. Whatever the case we can’t get at it until we’ve solved their Ultimate Quest, a tweet-based text adventure. It’s one of them ARGs.

“You’ve been kidnapped, confused, and trapped in a factory to do labor far beneath your true level,” begins the story. “The friends you once knew think you’re dead, if they think about you at all.”

You’re trapped in a nanotech factory and across the five chapter point’n’click adventure you need to make your escape. It’s quite challenging, or that’s the excuse I’m using for being trapped in the first room making small talk with the guard overseeing my work (apparently his commute is hell).

I was a little apprehensive about signing into the thing with Twitter, thinking my stream would be full of “Use SMALL TALK on OVERSEER” but it doesn’t do anything like that. Maybe when you successfully complete an episode (there are five in total) it might ask to put out a victory tweet but while I’m trapped in this first room I can’t tell you for sure.

If you’d like a shot at the contest then you can log in over on the Ultimate Quest site.