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Nvidia shares at a 52 week high after gaining 12% through 2015


With their data centers, servers and high-end GPUs, Nvidia have been seeing steady growth, recording an increase of 8% over the last few years. With more and more people moving from consoles to gaming PCs and the popularity of Steam as a gaming platform increasing, analysts at the Investor Guide predict this will only continue. 

Software like GeForce Experience will likely help push this growth, with it introducing more features to their GPUs, like the ability to record and stream, as well as streaming co-op games to a friend’s PC. There’s also the partnerships Nvidia has with game publishers, working together to make games run optimally on their cards.

It was one of these promotions that made me buy my GeForce 970 when I did – I managed to grab The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Batman: Arkham Knight for free with my purchase of the card. I saw it as getting the card £80 cheaper, making me feel better about spending the best part of a grand on my rig. Though Batman is still far from a good port, but that’s hardly Nvidia’s fault.

It’s stuff like this that will likely entice more people over to their cards. There’s also the Maxwell architecture that’s been added to gaming notebooks, upping performance by up fo five times. Nividia are making a big push to put their tech in as many hands as possible.

“As a result, NVIDIA will be able to expand its gamer base in both the casual games and enthusiast segments,” says the Investor Guide. “Additionally, NVIDIA has a robust balance sheet as its cash position stands at $4.50 billion as compared to a lower debt of $1.40 billion. Hence, the company is well-placed to make growth investments going forward that will allow it to sustain its impressive financial growth.”

What card do you use? Do you use GeForce Experience often? Are you satisfied with it? Let us know all of your thoughts about Nividia stuffs in the comments.