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NVIDIA Showcase: commanding the combatants of For Honor

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Ubisoft has kicked off 2017 by delivering a critical strike to our senses with For Honor. Their action title is already impressing gamers with its gorgeous graphics, intense combat and a deep feature set.

For a limited time, when you purchase a qualifying GeForce GTX 1070 or 1080 video card, or a qualifying system or laptop, you can get a free copy of either For Honor or Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands. When you play For Honor on GTX hardware, you can unlock its full potential. A GTX 1060 or equivalent card like the GTX 970 will ensure high levels of details at 60fps or above. Game on a GTX 1070 or 1080 configuration and you can experience For Honor at even higher resolutions. You can go here for a comprehensive breakdown of For Honor’s specs and graphical features on PC.

That alone should be enough to get you excited for the game, but hang on to your keyboards because it’s about to get better: we’re taking a closer look at the three factions featured in For Honor. Each warrior clan offers unique advantages on the battlefield, so read on and decide which faction you’ll pledge your allegiance to.

The Knights

Nvidia For Honor Knights

Taking their cues from medieval lore, the Knights are a faction composed of hardy warriors who value justice and virtue above all else. Clad in rugged armor and armed with classic weapons like swords and flails, these imposing combatants march onto the battlefield with their heads held high. The Knights are divided into four different hero types, but each embodies the enduring toughness that these legendary warriors are known for.

The stealthy Peacekeepers are the Knights’ assassins, nimbly dancing around the battlefield dispensing justice with their twin blades. With their skills, Peacekeepers can sneak up on you and stick a sword in your back just as easily as they can dispatch you head on.

Wardens offer a balance of all attributes, giving players a solid foundation of both offense and defense to build upon. Whether they’re on the attack or withstanding the blows of their enemies, Wardens stand tall in the face of danger.

The stout Conquerors are the backbone of the Knight army, carrying the day with their heavy armor and crushing flails. Like a blacksmith’s anvil, these warriors can take a great deal of punishment. And like a blacksmith’s hammer, these warriors can deal mighty blows to their enemies. Fighters like the Conquerors are vital to your efforts when you’re forging an empire.

The most intriguing Knight hero may be the Lawbringer: they use a versatile fighting style that focuses on turning the enemy’s strength against them. Every part of their Poleaxe is deadly, and their hardened armor ensures they can stay in the fight for the long haul.

The Samurai

Nvidia For Honor Samurai

Inspired by Japanese history, the Samurai live and die according to a warrior’s code that allows them to keep calm amidst the chaos. The Samurai have honed their bodies and minds to their fullest, and stay committed to winning the battle no matter the cost. The four heroes who make up this faction are all skilled fighters, as deadly with their weapons as they are without them.

Want to sneak around the battlefield, striking down foes before they even sense your presence? The lightly armored but deadly Orochi will fit the bill. These assassins are armed with katanas and throwing knives, but their most effective weapon are their cunning minds.

Unlike the Orochi, the Kensei prefer to meet their foes head on. A master of multiple skills, these proficient fighters keep enemies at bay with their nodachis and deft fighting style.

The mountainous Shugoki is a fearsome sight. Not only do they tower over their foes in their imposing armor, but they wield the brutal kanabo, a spiked club capable of heavy blows. While the Shugoki move with a ponderous pace, the damage they can inflict more than makes up for their lack of speed.

Compared to the Shugoki, the Nobushi seem downright delicate. They wear little armor and wield an unassuming weapon called the naginata. But in the right hands, the Nobushi has the potential to be a game changer. Agile and possessing unsurpassed range, the Nobushi is a whirling dervish that can clear the way forward with frightening efficiency.

The Vikings

Nvidia For Honor Viking

These warring raiders are inspired by the fearsome Vikings of Nordic history. Renown for their unyielding strength and thirst for conflict, the Vikings have dedicated their lives to combat. Their armor, weapons, and tactics lend them a ferocious and wild air, which makes them an even fiercer presence in battle. If you wish to unleash your inner beast, the Vikings are the faction for you. Here are the heroes you’ll have at your disposal.

Playing as the Berserker is not for the faint of heart. These fighters wear almost no armor, willing to sacrifice their own well-being in the name of dealing the most damage possible. The blades of their twin axes are sharp, but the fury which dwells in their hearts is the weapon that will enable the deepest cut.

As their name suggests, the Raiders seek to invade and crush any enemy they encounter on their march towards glory. Armed with a heavy axe, these intimidating warriors are the Viking faction’s vanguard, cleaving a path through the enemy ranks with brutal strikes and savage tactics.

Unlike their wild brethren, the Warlord relies on a strong defensive game as their core mechanic. Their shields combined with their brute strength allow them to weather their enemy’s attack. They then strike back when the time is right, using their swords to deal heavy damage. Becoming a Warlord is no easy task, so fear any player who masters this impressive fighter’s skill set.

Named after the famed figures of Norse legend, the Valkyrie stalk the battlefield like a predator seeking prey. Using their spears, the agile fighters can fight at range. If you somehow get inside their guard, you can expect to be pummeled by their shield. Cross paths with a proficient Valkyrie player and you’ll be praying to the gods for help.

For Honor is now available to download on PC. If you would like to take advantage of NVIDIA’s new GTX bundle, you can nab a free copy of the game while upgrading your gaming hardware at the same time.