Nvidia Showcase: Atmospheric horror adventure, The Park, arrives on GeForce NOW

Nvidia Showcase: The Park

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Just in time for the Halloween season, The Park is now streaming on NVIDIA SHIELD through GeForce NOW.

There’s a new way of enjoying the best PC games in town and it’s called NVIDIA GeForce NOW. Freeing you from all the hassles of downloading, installing and patching, it’s a cloud gaming service, exclusively for NVIDIA SHIELD, that enables you to instantly enjoy great PC games on your big-screen TV, streamed in maximum quality from NVIDIA’s gaming supercomputers at up to 1080p60.

It features over 60 games to suit all tastes, with many included in your $7.99/month subscription (the first three months are free, too), plus the latest games available to buy and play right now. The latest addition to the roster is The Park, and it’s the first game to launch simultaneously on PC and GeForce NOW.

Just in time for some terrifying Halloween action, it’s a psychological mystery thriller with all the right ingredients to give you a good old fright. Set in a creepy abandoned theme park that was closed down after a series of disturbing events, The Park casts you in the role of Lorraine, a young single mother whose son, Callum, has gone missing.

Naturally it’s down to you to search the park for him, and of course nothing there is quite as it seems. A mysterious figure haunts the place, some of the rides have a mind of their own, and as you call out for Callum – noting the panic building in Lorraine’s voice as the game unfolds – and search for clues, you’ll gradually unpick the park’s terrible secrets as well as Lorraine’s own troubled past.

Designed to be an intense experience with plenty of scares along the way, it’s a captivating piece of unsettling storytelling, played out with state of the art graphics and atmospheric audio. You can play The Park on GeForce NOW for $12.99.

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