NVIDIA Showcase: Dominating the opposition as Titanfall 2’s Legion and Tone

Titanfall 2

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If you’ve been paying attention to this space, you may have seen our tactical guides to wrecking your enemies in Titanfall 2 as part of a new three-part video series. 

In the first video, we demonstrated how to take advantage of the strengths of the aptly named, incendiary weapon wielding Scorch Titan as well as the directed-energy firing Ion Titan. Similarly, the second video shares some essential tips on commandeering the sword carrying Ronin Titan and the flying Northstar Titan.

Our third brand new video (watch it below) provides key strategies on playing as the game’s final two Titans: the ballistic offense specialist Legion Titan and the precision weapon armed Tone Titan.

Guide to playing Legion and Tone

As shown in the video above, Titanfall 2 is a visual beast and the PC edition looks especially sharp if you’re running on capable hardware. A GTX 660 will meet the minimum requirements, but in order to take advantage of its next-gen eye candy you’ll want a GTX 1060 for the recommended settings (1920×1080 graphics)—or a GTX 1080 to unlock 4K ultra HD visuals (3840×2160). Make sure to download GeForce Experience to get the optimal settings for your setup.

Titanfall 2 currently maintains an overwhelmingly positive average critic rating on Metacritic. If you want to experience what all the buzz is about you for yourself, you can download the game on Origin, which is available in both the Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition.

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