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Nvidia Showcase: get five great NVIDIA SHIELD games up to 66% off this month

Lego Jurassic World

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Need something to shake off the very last of your winter blues? Look for deep discounts on several awesome NVIDIA SHIELD games from March 24 through March 28. The sale applies to select streamable titles available with a GeForce NOW membership (free for three months and just $7.99 after that), as well as some of the latest and greatest Android games on SHIELD. Here’s a look at the games on sale this month on NVIDIA SHIELD.

GeForce NOW games on sale (all games also come with a PC code to download the game)

Stream SOMA for 33% off

Nvidia Soma

Living things are not at their best when they’re contained, as SOMA demonstrates. This survival-horror game has received accolades galore from fans and critics alike thanks to its moody atmosphere, unforgettable setting, and psychological explorations of humanity’s darker side. A must-have for horror fans.

Stream LEGO Jurassic World for 66% off

Nvidia Lego Jurassic World

“66% off” applies to more than the unfortunate lawyer who got chomped on by the T-Rex from Jurassic Park. It’s also the discounted price for LEGO Jurassic World, an excellent action adventure title from TT Games. The action in LEGO Jurassic World covers all four Jurassic Park films, and the fighting, humor, and dinosaurs will entertain reptile and LEGO enthusiasts of all ages.

Android Games on sale

Get Frozen Synapse Prime at 66% off

Nvidia Frozen Synapse Prime

Sometimes, you just need to sit and think. Frozen Synapse Prime lets you exercise your brain matter through turn-based strategy combat with a friend, or through the single-player campaign. Command troops, weapons, and use the environment to your advantage as you combat the forces of a corrupt corporation.

Get Rochard at 50% off

Nvidia Rochard

Rochard is a high-quality puzzle-platforming game that literally flips the world upside-down. You play as the titular Rochard, an astro-miner who plays with gravity in order to best his enemies and save the day. Its soundtrack is excellent, too.

Get Beatbuddy at 50% off

Nvidia Beatbuddy

Beatbuddy mixes action and music, and the combination works extremely well. The game also features hand-painted backgrounds, plenty of action, and of course, a rocking soundtrack.