NVIDIA Showcase: three reasons Watch Dogs 2 rules on PC

Nvidia Watch Dogs 2

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Featuring a sprawling and meticulously detailed recreation of San Francisco to explore and hack, Watch Dogs 2 finally hits PC on November 29. The console version of the game is already receiving high praise from critics and Ubisoft Montreal has worked closed with NVIDIA to ensure the PC edition comes packed with a variety of high-end graphical features that take advantage of modern gaming hardware.

Here are three key reasons why PC gamers shouldn’t pass up on Watch Dogs 2.

Graphics Bolstered by GameWorks

Watch Dogs 2’s depiction of San Francisco is enhanced by HBAO+ Ambient Occlusion for richer, more convincingly realistic contact shadows while PCSS and HFTS allow for vastly improved character, object and world shadowing. The game also hits PC with support for TXAA for improved anti-aliasing and the addition of temporal anti-aliasing, SLI for boosted performance on multi-GPU systems and Surround for immersive triple-screen gaming. Check out the video above for a tour of what Watch Dogs 2’s advanced visual features look like in action on PC.

Nvidia Watch Dogs 2

Capture Stunning In-Game Shots

With a gorgeous looking game like Watch Dogs 2, any old screengrabbing doesn’t do the experience justice. And with Ansel, a new advanced in-game screen capturing tool, you can capture lusciously detailed in-game shots and then view and share them with others in 360-degrees. You can even tweak you in-game images with a variety of post-process filters to get them just right.

You Can Get it For Free

In order to truly unleash the full visual might of Watch Dogs 2 on PC, you’ll want to ensure your PC hardware is up to date. And there’s no better time to upgrade: if you pick up a new qualifying NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 or 1080 GPU, system or laptop, you’ll get a free copy of Watch Dogs 2. No questions asked. If you do choose to take advantage of this new GTX bundle, don’t wait long as it’s only available for a limited time.

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