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Nvidia Showcase: World of Tanks Blitz: 4 armor-plated reasons to enter the battlefield

Nvidia World of Tanks Blitz

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World of Tanks Blitz is Wargaming’s mobile edition of their hugely successful free-to-play online multiplayer military sim. In the game, players acquire and upgrade a series of real-life tanks from the early to mid-20th century from different nations around the world and roll them out onto the battlefield for live 7v7 team-based conflicts.

World of Tanks Blitz’s blisteringly intense combat, highly detailed tanks and touchscreen based controls are also a great match for NVIDIA’s next-gen SHIELD Tablet. Here are four key reasons to check out the game on SHIELD Tablet today. 

Even More for SHIELD Gamers

If you’re a new or existing World of Tanks Blitz player on SHIELD Tablet you will get exclusive access to 10-days of premium play. The offer runs from May 10 to June 10 and all you have to do to redeem your bonuses is simply log into the game with a new account.

SHIELD owners will exclusively receive:

-50% bonus XP per battle

-50% bonus credits earned in battle

-A redesigned in-game garage

Nvidia World of Tanks Blitz

A Free Ride into Battle

Entering the battlefield in World of Tanks Blitz costs you nothing and neither does your ongoing experience. The game’s free-to-play model is well executed and it’s perfectly enjoyable to just play the game to unlock currency. Of course, if you’re looking for a boost and want to buy new tanks more quickly the option is there to spend money.

Nvidia World of Tanks Blitz

Tanks Galore

Who wouldn’t want to control these heavily armored behemoths of the battlefield? In World of Tanks Blitz you get to unlock and command more than 200 of these accurately recreated historical war machines. They come from U.S.S.R, Germany, USA, UK, China and Japan and fall into four categories: Light, Medium, Heavy and Destroyers. The more experience and currency you accumulate the more tanks you can buy and the more upgrades you can purchase including guns, turrets, engines, suspension, ammo, equipment and training for your crew.

Nvidia World of Tanks Blitz

Magnificent Multiplayer

There’s nothing like an online squad based game to instill a sense of camaraderie and stoke the flames of competition. World of Tanks Blitz pits two teams of seven players against one another for each battle. Pairing is done quickly and efficiently with a typical wait of only seconds before you are ready to begin fighting enemy tanks. There’s also a chat option so you can message other players and even pick up messages later if you don’t happen to be around when it is sent.

Your tank commanding career starts here. Download World of Tanks Blitz now to join the tens of millions of other handheld, PC and console gamers who are already enjoying the World of Tanks franchise.