Nvidia Showcase: why The Descendant is worth playing on Shield

Nvidia showcase the descendant nvidia shield

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Now available to stream on Nvidia Shield via GeForce NowThe Descendant is a gripping episodic adventure where a cataclysmic event virtually eradicates the human race and the remaining ‘Descendants’ are forced to survive in underground bunkers known as Arks. 

The events in the game unfold across five story-driven playable episodes where players learn more about the apocalyptic event that ravaged our planet and turned it into an inhospitable wasteland. After centuries of the survivors being kept underground in cryo stasis, the Arks are eventually re-opened after the world is deemed safe once more. But everything isn’t as it seems and there’s a darker conspiracy that players will unravel during their journey.

Nvidia showcase the descendant nvidia shield

One of the most intriguing aspects of The Descendant is how you’ll get to experience its world through the eyes of two different characters in two different timelines, one in the past and the other in the present. In the past, players are cast as Mia, a custodian who maintains the Arks housing humanity’s sole survivors, which is not an easy task due to the problems that constantly arise at the facility.

In the present, players are cast as Donnie, an investigator who’s not only trying to locate Descendants trapped within the Arks, but uncover a sinister plot about the Arks and its creators. The dual storylines are effective in really bringing the complex post-apocalyptic world of The Descendant to life, one in which player choices have a direct impact on how events in the game play out and who ultimately lives and dies.

Nvidia showcase the descendant nvidia shield

On top of its interesting narrative structure, The Descendant’s detailed sci-fi settings and gameplay look great. And due to GeForce Now leveraging the power of Pascal GTX GPUs in the cloud, none of that level of visual polish is lost when streaming the game to Shield.

If you own a Shield TV, you can now stream all five ‘seasons’ that comprise The Descendant for $10.04 for one week, which is 33% off its regular full price. A GeForce Now membership is just $7.99 a month and free for the first month, while certain premium titles like The Descendant are available to purchase separately. And if you buy The Descendant on GeForce Now, you’ll automatically receive an extra key to download the game on PC at no additional cost.