NVIDIA to show off Pascal at Editor’s Day next week, claims report

Nvidia explains Pascal

The thing about a low-key peripheral manufacturer announcing a slight revision to a cheap mouse is that at least you know it’s on the level. The waters of tech reporting are more than murky in recent weeks, but within them I keep spotting the silvery glimpse of new Pascal or Polaris information, and thus I keep going out to sea, every morning. 

All of which is to say that NVIDIA might be demonstrating two models of Pascal-powered graphics cards at an Editor’s Day next week, if Videocardz’ sources are to be believed.

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It’s at this point that I feel it’s only fair to point out that those sources are “Jen-Hsun [Huang, NVIDIA CEO], Jen-Hsun doppelganger and Elon Musk,” so you’ll forgive me for applying a bit of scepticism to the report.

However, it’s not beyond the realms of reason that NVIDIA should host such an event at this time, and demonstrate two new graphics cards in the 980/970 range to press. It does happen. If it does go ahead as reported, it’s unlikely to be streamed or presented as an official announcement, but rather a precursor to the big reveal intendended to get press up to speed for the big day.

As Videocardz point out, the last Editor’s Day of this type was back in 2014, a week before the Maxwell GM204 was revealed. So there’s plausibility to this one, if not outright confirmation. At least we have a timeframe to see it play out or not.

I’ve reached out to NVIDIA for their word on this, and am awaiting their reply.

Thanks, Videocardz.