Nvidia RTX 4070 renders reveal a dinkier RTX 4000 GPU cooler

New Nvidia RTX 4070 GPU renders have arrived, and the leaked images provide a glimpse at the graphics card's RTX 3080-style cooler and enlarged fan

Nvidia RTX 4070 renders: GeForce graphics card on blue backdrop

The Nvidia RTX 4070 lacks an ETA, but renders of what the graphics card may look like have surfaced online. The mockup images are accompanied by new details and speculation that could shine a light on the midrange GPU’s potential specs.

Shared by Moore’s Law is Dead, the Nvidia RTX 4070 images are renders used in place of real photos to protect inside sources. In their latest video, the YouTuber describes the GPU as a “more compact version of RTX 3080.” Despite this, MLID says they’ve got “no worries” in regards to cooling, as the card’s larger fan and streamlined airflow should help shift heat effectively.

Of course, while MLID has witnessed the RTX 4070 with their own eyes, they caveat that it might be an engineering sample, rather than a final design. That said, the insider speculates that it “most likely” belongs to the unannounced Founders Edition card. The reason? Well, it all links back to the now unlaunched Nvidia RTX 4080 12GB model, as Nvidia would have probably wanted to avoid pairing both cards with the same FE cooler.

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As for RTX 4070 release date and specs, MLID suggests Nvidia is delaying the card’s release so it can decide on a final configuration. Ultimately, the final decision will be seemingly based on the abilities of AMD RDNA 3 and the sales popularity of last-gen cards.

The leaker theorises that If RDNA 3 doesn’t live up to the hype and cards like the RTX 3080 sell out, we’ll see a scaled-back RTX 4070 with 10GB VRAM. Failing that, Nvidia would likely release an alternative that boasts the same specs as the RTX 4080 12GB, priced between $600-700 USD.

Again, Nvidia hasn’t disclosed an official RTX 4070 release date as of yet, and all of the above is based on a mixture of insider information and speculation. Nevertheless, midrange GPU is shaping up to be a solid best graphics card contender, and it’ll likely prove more popular with enthusiasts than the RTX 4080 12GB, providing it arrives with a reasonable price tag.