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Asus reportedly prepping three Nvidia GTX 1660 Super GPUs for launch

Nvidia's GTX 1660 Super graphics card is now incredibly likely to turn up on shelves in the very near future

GeForce Super

Reports of Nvidia’s GTX 1660 Super hitting the shelves very soon are coming in thick and fast – this time from sources close to major partner and graphics card manufacturer, Asus. Following earlier rumours hinting at the GTX 1660 Super’s release, this Navi-tussling graphics card is now incredibly likely to turn up on shelves in the very near future.

Not much is expected to change with the Super variant of Nvidia’s current mainstream Turing graphics card. The same TU116 GPU will likely make the cut complete with 1408 CUDA Cores. Instead, the Super splash of paint will come in the form of 14Gbps GDDR6 that is suspected to be replacing the slower GDDR5 of the pedestrian GTX 1660 model.

While performance won’t be drastically different between the two, the launch offers Nvidia an opportunity to mix up the pricing in line with AMD’s offerings. Today, the GTX 1660 is available for roughly $219 and the GTX 1660 Ti $279. The GTX 1660 Super will need to sit somewhere between the two, perhaps courtesy of a price change – but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

The latest rumours of the GTX 1660 Super’s release come from sources at Asus HQ speaking with VideoCardz. They claim to be certain that variants of this GPU is en route, which we infer to mean a relatively soon release date, and that Asus is preparing at least the Dual Evo, Phoenix, and TUF3 cooler models for launch.

We suspect the GTX 1660 Super launch is intended to bolster Nvidia’s mainstream lineup in the face of AMD Navi. It is suspected that the red team is preparing RX 5500-series and RX 5300-series graphics cards built upon the RDNA architecture, with a view to replacing Polaris and tackling Nvidia’s 16-series in the volume market.

After some digging in the Mesa 3D Library, we suspect AMD’s mainstream and entry-level Navi cards will launch before October 15. That should mean Nvidia’s 16-series Super market defender will also make an appearance relatively soon.

Nvidia appears to be prepping the GTX 1650 Ti, too. This is rumoured for an October 22, 2019 release – which may well be the same day the Super arrives on the shelves.