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This is the smallest Nvidia RTX 4070 graphics card, and the cutest too

With its Sakura-themed design, GeForce RTX 4070 GPU, and ultra compact single-fan cooler, this Zephyr card looks ideal for a mini PC build.

Graphics card manufacturer Zephyr has just unveiled what looks like the cutest graphics card on the market. This new small form factor, single-fan card isn’t only the smallest card to be based on the Nvidia RTX 4070 GPU, but it’s also adorned with the most adorable Sakura-themed design.

While the Nvidia RTX 4070 may have been displaced by the RTX 4070 Super as our pick of the best graphics card overall, the 4070 is still a great choice for smaller gaming PCs, or for gamers on a tighter budget.

The new Zephyr GeForce RTX 4070 ITX Sakura Blizzard takes its title as the tiniest 4070 variant thanks to its itzy 172mm overall card length, its bitzy height of 123mm, and its teeny weeny dual-slot 42mm width. This puts it very comfortably within the parameters of Nvidia’s recently announced SFF-Ready program, which certifies whether graphics cards and small cases are compatible with each other.

What’s more, all this petiteness apparently doesn’t come with any downsides when it comes to performance or cooling. As Videocardz reported when it first spotted the card, its AD104-250 GPU runs at standard clock speeds – it’s not underclocked or overclocked. What’s more, Zephyr claims that, with the fan running at a not overly fast 2,400rpm, the GPU runs 8°C cooler and the memory runs 10°C cooler than a dual-fan RTX 4070. However, the comparison card isn’t named, so I’d take this with a pinch of salt.

zephyr sakura rtx 4070 tiny sff graphics card 03 back

As for that Sakura decoration – Sakura being cherry blossom – there’s a pink fan and PCB, along with a white fan shroud dotted with various pearlescent reflective stickers. The shroud also wraps around to the back of the card, where there are one large and three small flower-shaped cutouts in the backplate.

It’s a great-looking card for a certain style of PC, and we’d love to get our hands on one, but sadly that might prove to be tricky for two reasons. Firstly, it’s currently a China-only release and, secondly, it’s already sold out. Apparently there will be a restock in mid-July but we suspect that run might sell out just as quickly.

In the meantime, you could instead switch teams to AMD and go for a similarly styled Powercolor Hellhound Sakura graphics card based on the AMD Radeon 7800 XT GPU, though this large card won’t fit in as many tiny cases as the Zephyr model. Speaking of which, check out our best PC cases guide for pointers on the best small cases currently available.