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Geforce Experience moves to version 3.0, significantly reduces system footprint

Geforce Experience

Nvidia have released the latest version of Geforce Experience, their driver-management and gameplay recording tool. It’s basically a total redesign, and they say that it’s “three times faster than before” using “half the memory.” Quite the claim.

The GTX 1050 is likely Nvidia’s next thing, hardware-wise.

Practically, it has a whole new interface. The games panel has replaced its list with boxart images, while Shadowplay (no longer called that in any part of the interface, instead named Share) has its own GUI overlay toggled with alt+Z. This looks to have all the same features as before, but will be a little unfamiliar for regular users, at least to begin with. PCGN video powerhouse Keiran has been using it today and hasn’t ran into any problems, but the subreddit is packed with complaints.

Annoyingly, the new version does require that you register an account with them to use it, and there’s no way to downgrade to the previous if you decide that’s not for you. It also doesn’t look like drivers will be pushed to that old version anymore, so you’ll be back to manual searches and finding out about driver updates the old fashioned way if you’re not into 3.0. If you’re a regular user of Shadowplay it’s also still your only option, with no word of a standalone version.

Still, it is much faster, booting up quicker and seemingly having less crashes. Hopefully it continues to improve over time, and they eventually get around to the mutliple audio track feature that is Shadowplay/Share’s most-requested addition.