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Nvidia just remembered GeForce Experience still exists

A new update for the once essential Nvidia software includes adding over 120 optimal game settings profiles and fixes major driver issue.

New GeForce Experience Update 3.28

If you’re one of the few still using Nvidia GeForce Experience, we have some good news, you haven’t been forgotten! A new update has arrived for the software that has since been replaced with the Nvidia App, and it brings a wealth of new game profiles and fixes the dreaded endless driver update cycle.

Whether you’re using the best graphics card on the market, or still clinging to a now-defunct Nvidia GeForce GTX card, the GeForce Experience app was always the best way to keep your GPU updated. However, since the introduction of the Nvidia App, it has taken a back seat and gone without an update since November 2023, until now.

The GeForce Experience 3.28 update brings 122 new optimal settings profiles for games like Alan Wake 2, Hogwarts Legacy, Horizon Forbidden West, and Diablo 4 with a full list of games available on the Nvidia website.

Bigger than these game profiles, however, is a supposed fix for the endless driver update cycle. This very issue plagued me quite frequently before the release of the Nvidia App. After downloading and installing a driver, GeForce Experience will not recognize that your GPU is updated and prompts you to complete the process again.

This fix prevents this from happening, meaning you’ll only never need to go through each driver update once. This was quite a big issue to leave for so long, but Nvidia has been clear that the end goal is to shut GeForce Experience down after already rolling most of its features into the Nvidia App.

Other bugs fixed in update 3.28 include an issue where desktop recording would end when HDR was enabled and an issue where the fps and latency within the performance overlay only showed as N/A. The issue preventing screenshots from being captured in games where windowed mode is used has also been fixed.

GeForce Experience version 3.28 is available to download now from the Nvidia website or you can update your existing version just by exiting and restarting the application.

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