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Nvidia GeForce RTX 4000 GPU VRAM is reportedly in production

Nvidia RTX 4000 memory modules are seemingly on the way, as Micron has updated its catalogue to include new GDDR6X 24Gbps VRAM that could end up in GeForce GPUs

Nvidia RTX 4000 VRAM: Render of GeForce board with chips and modules

Nvidia RTX 4000 VRAM is now apparently in production, as Micron now lists faster GDDR6X modules within its online catalogue. Last year, the GPU giant teamed up with the manufacturer to put 21Gbps chips in the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti, and both companies are set to collaborate again with GPUs like the RTX 4090 and RTX 4080.

Spotted by Harukaze5719, the Nvidia RTX 4000 VRAM chips are now included on Micron’s website (via Videocardz) The page update details 16GB 24Gbps packages, which suggests the modules are currently in production. The configuration could enhance the abilities of the next best graphics cards, like the RTX 4090, while other next-gen GPUs like the RTX 4080 and RTX 4070 will reportedly stick with a GDDR6X 21Gbps setup.

It’s worth noting that while Micron is likely producing GDDR6X modules with Nvidia in mind, their presence within the first wave of RTX 4000 graphics cards isn’t a guarantee. After all, the 21Gbps chips only arrived alongside the RTX 3090 Ti this year, so we might need to wait a stretch longer for beefer Lovelace SKUs packing the high-spec VRAM.

It’s widely believed that next-gen Nvidia GPUs will roll up in a few months’ time, but the rumour mill can’t make up its mind when it comes to specifics. RTX 4000 spec predictions have changed yet again, as the RTX 4070 will seemingly arrive with more CUDA cores and 12GB GDDR6X VRAM. The RTX 4080 will also allegedly arrive with fewer cores than previously anticipated, so there’s a chance the lineup’s specs still aren’t set in stone.

We’d advise ingesting any and all RTX 4000 rumours with a grain of salt, especially since insider information is ever-changing. Recent murmurs cast doubt on when the lineup will even arrive, as there’s a chance only the RTX 4090 GPU will arrive in 2022. Again, it’s probably best to wait for some sort of official announcement, but if the grapevine’s findings are true, AMD RDNA 3 cards may beat Nvidia to the punch.