GTX 1080 gets a $100 price cut and a brand new version for overclockers

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Fresh from announcing the brand new GTX 1080 Ti Nvidia have also announced they’ll be shipping new versions of the GTX 1080 and GTX 1060 GPUs out to their board partners specifically designed for their super-overclocked cards. Oh, and they’ve knocked $100 off the ol’ GTX 1080 too.

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The new GTX 1080 Ti features the world’s fastest GDDR5X memory, but Nvidia is going to be bringing that same speedy new Micron video RAM to the GTX 1080 too. They’ll soon be shipping the overclocked SKUs of the cards out to board partners so they can add their own coolers and really take advantage of the extra performance on offer.

The new GTX 1080 cards will have their 8GB GDDR5X video memory running at a frenetic 11Gbps.

But that’s not all Nvidia are doing with the GTX 1080, they’ve also just announced a $100 price drop for the standard card, down to an MSRP of $499. At the moment I’m not sure if that price cut will translate to Brexit Britain, but we’ll see…

New GTX 1080 and GTX 1060

Nvidia are also doing the memory thing with the GTX 1060 too, though not quite to the same ludicrous-speed extent. The new overclocked SKUs of the GTX 1060 will ship with a 9Gbps memory subsystem, a healthy speed bump over its previous 8Gbps performance.

The new cards should be arriving pretty soon after the GTX 1080 Ti and we’ll have full performance reviews as soon as the new cards land in our labs.