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Nvidia’s GTX 1650 graphics card rumoured to follow GTX 1660 Ti in late March

With the GTX 1660 Ti not yet out the door, the rumour mill is grinding onto the next Turing GPUs

Nvidia GTX 1650

In news that will surprise no-one, the GTX 1650 is set to follow on from the Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti which is reportedly releasing this week. News from the interwebs has the lower-tier 16-series Turing card launching in late March, with the GTX 1660 likely then to be shipping in early March.

There has been no real confirmation about the existence of the GTX 1660, though there’s zero chance that Nvidia would release both a GTX 1660 Ti and a GTX 1650 without filling out the range with a card sitting in between them. Though it does have to be said that there hasn’t been any official confirmation about the existence of any of the 16-series GPUs from Nvidia itself, despite third-party cards appearing all over the place.

The rumours suggest that the GTX 1650 will come on another new Turing GPU, this time a TU117, and come with 4GB of GDDR6 memory. Rounding out the mainstream 16-series of Turing graphics cards makes complete sense, and making sure they’re all out significantly before AMD’s Navi GPUs arrive is also a smart move.

Mind you, releasing the volume segment of its next-gen graphics card range is also something that Nvidia needed to do as soon as possible given the weak performance the company has been showing investors. The 20-series GPUs have sold far worse than Nvidia expected and that has had quite an impact on its bottom line and on its share price.

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All the noise about a new generation of affordable Turing cards has caused Nvidia stock prices to rise just based on the rumours alone. Actually shipping a decent set of mid-range and budget GPUs, and selling a shedload of them, will be a huge boon for the green team.

In terms of pricing the MSRP for the GTX 1660 Ti is expected to be set at $279, and the prospective GTX 1660 is rumoured to be around $229. For the GTX 1650 to make sense you would hope it would ship for considerably under $200, especially considering how much the GTX 1050 Ti still retails for today.

GTX 1660 Ti GTX 1660 GTX 1650
GPU TU116 TU116 TU117
Lithography 12nm FinFET 12nm FinFET 16nm FinFET
CUDA cores 1,536 1,280 1,024
Memory 6GB GDDR6 6/3GB GDDR6 4GB GDDR6
Memory bus 192-bit 192-bit 128-bit
Reference MSRP $279 $229 $179

In terms of the full specs, that’s still up in the air, though we’ve put the latest speculation in the table above. With the GTX 1660 Ti reportedly shipping with 1,536 CUDA cores, you’d expect the GTX 1660 to come with 1,280 CUDA cores and then the GTX 1650’s TU117 GPU to house 1,024 CUDA cores.

However it shakes out, it looks like we’ll have the full range of Turing GPUs on the shelves by April Fools Day.