Latest Nvidia RTX 4070 GPU leak suggests an RTX 3090 Ti punch

New Nvidia RTX 4000 graphics card leaks have landed, and the GeForce RTX 4070 now seemingly packs RTX 3090 Ti performance and faster clock speeds than RTX 4090

Nvidia RTX 4070: GeForce GPU on Nvidia backdrop

Yet another Nvidia RTX 4000 GPU leak has arrived, and we can apparently expect the RTX 4070 to trade blows with the RTX 3090 Ti. The upcoming GeForce graphics card also seemingly wields faster clock speeds than the RTX 4090, accompanied by VRAM specs that point towards GDDR6X memory.

The latest Nvidia RTX 4070 GPU leak from Kopite7kimi comes with a few predicted spec tweaks, hammering home the fact the green team isn’t dead set on SKUs. The GeForce card is faster than originally planned, as it’ll allegedly rock 2,310MHz base clock and 2610MHz boost clock speeds. As the latter isn’t always a solid ceiling, the leaker says the GPU’s ‘max’ speed sits around the 2,800MHz mark.

Nvidia also seems to have changed its mind on RTX 4070 memory, as Kopite7kimi says the graphics card will come equipped with 21Gbps GDDR6X VRAM. That means most of the RTX 4000 lineup might arrive with Micron’s high-spec memory, as we’re still waiting to hear if the RTX 4060 will receive a VRAM revamp ahead of release.

Nvidia RTX 4000: GeForce graphics card on green Nvidia backdrop

An RTX 4000 specs revolving door

Got that usual grain of salt? Good, as the ever-changing nature of RTX 4000 rumours adds uncertainty to predictions and insider information. Just last week, we heard that a souped-up RTX 4070 Ti could be on the cards, but the non-Ti card now appears to boast similar abilities.

RTX 4000 release date information is currently a bit precarious, as whispers suggest only the RTX 4090 will arrive this year. In other words, we’ll potentially need to wait longer for other best graphics card contenders like the RTX 4080 to arrive.

There’s still a chance they’ll beat AMD RDNA 3 GPUs to the punch, as CEO Lisa Su says it’ll unleash its next-gen Radeon cards “later this year.” That said, it sounds like Nvidia has a few things to figure out before any sort of RTX 4000 reveal, so use a pencil rather than pen when it comes to your gaming PC diary.