Obduction delayed til July; devs implore fans not to “hate us with the burning fire of a thousand suns”


Myst might not shift CD-ROMs like it once did, but the names Robyn and Rand Miller ought to still carry some weight. Their latest, Obduction, comes at a time when PC gaming has re-embraced the potential of perambulatory adventures and finds the Millers proudly wearing the Walking Simulator label. They’ll surely fit right into this modern world – or at least, they will once Obduction’s new release date rolls around next month.

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The delay – from late June to July 26 – stems from a desire to polish, adapt to a new Unreal 4 update and finish off Obduction’s VR version. Cyan Worlds are also keen to “avoid industry noise” – quite sensibly, in our book, since it’s turning out to be a busy old summer for game releases.

“Now we fully expect that everyone is a bit disappointed by the slight delay,” Rand Miller writes on Kickstarter. “But we also expect that most people will understand and be fairly happy that it’s still just right around the corner.

“We also realize that there may be a teeny tiny minority that hate us with the burning fire of a thousand suns. Might we suggest that if you’re feeling the “burning sun” anger, maybe just try to count to ten, take a deep breath, and realize that our crazy indie effort here involves a small group of real-life people working very hard to get you a wonderful experience. Please don’t make us cry.”

We had a lengthy chat with Rand about Obduction last year. It sounded both nostalgic and contemporary – and there’s Witness blood involved, don’tcha know. Any Myst stalwarts among us? Speak up in the comments.