Obduction trailer has really very pretty rocks indeed


Myst’s spiritual successor Obduction is a game I know precisely two things about: it’s going to have puzzles, and it’s going to look gorgeous. Only one of these is confirmed in the latest trailer, released on the final day of 2015, with some slow panning shots of mountains and bridges.

Is Obduction in your most anticipated upcoming PC games?

It also has a slightly sinister rendition of Auld Lang Syne in it, meaning that will now be stuck in my head all day. I managed to get this far into a New Year without that happening and, frankly, I’m furious.

My eternal anger aside, phwoar, look at all that, eh? Goodness knows what any of it means, and we’ve scant else to go on as teasers such as this have been the only footage released of Cyan’s beautiful mystery. Last estimate had it coming out in the second quarter of this year, so unless they’re planning to sell on just the grainyness of their wood and high-def grass texture, a little more info might be needed soon.

Their latest Kickstarter update, which made 1.3 million in November of 2013, says they’re in the second 90% of development, citing the old adage that as you come to the end, things get really difficult. Do you think that release date will slip?

Thanks, PCG.