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Obduction trailer is all landscapes, all mystery, all the time

Obduction teaser trailer

Obduction is the follow-up to Myst, making it one of the most controversial games in development that doesn’t directly involve violence or naughty bits. Oddly enough, Myst is the only game in the world I don’t have an opinion on, but you better be sure that literally everyone else either hates it with the burning rage of ten thousand supernovas, or loves it more than all their pets, significant others and family members combined. Obduction looks to follow in its footsteps with a mysterious plot and gorgeous setting.

What else are you looking forward to, or dreading, from the list of upcoming PC games?

The new trailer is all about that, and not a lick of it means anything to me, but Cyan do warn that purists may consider it spoilers:

Definitely pretty, and I’m a total sucker for this new genre of “whoa, something weird is happening, please wander around this beautiful environment for 6-8 hours.” The puzzles and other more-gamey bits will determine its eventual worth, whether they can remain interesting throughout without getting frustrating. Expect a very different experience to what you may remember from Myst, due to changes in technology if nothing else.

June 2016 is the current target date, and they’re still on track according to the description that came with the video. Obduction made $1.3 million on Kickstarter back in the glory days of 2013 crowdfunding, but they’ve done a good job of keeping their community informed with changes in development plans since then. They’re only a few months late on their original promise of getting the game out by October 2015 too. No word on price or distribution platforms yet, but backer copies were sold at $25, so expect all the usual places for at least $30.