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Stunning underwater roguelite game has a new demo you can play now

If you love the ocean but hate all the scary things that live in it, Codename Ocean Keeper is the game for you, and it comes with big mechs.

Steam roguelike game Codename Ocean Keeper: A robot fighting underwater in Steam roguelike Ocean Keeper

“Life under the sea is better than anything they got up there,” says Sebastian to Ariel. Clearly, he wasn’t piloting an underwater mech that was being hunted by everything lurking deep in the briney blue. But you can, in Codename: Ocean Keeper, an upcoming roguelite game that sends you into the drink to fight sea monsters and gather resources.

I love swimming, but I’ve always been afraid of any water I couldn’t see to the bottom of. In Codename: Ocean Keeper the seafloor is gorgeously dappled with sunlight filtering down from above, causing ripples on the sand. The environment is also lit up by the explosions caused by your robotic spider mech as hordes of sea creatures try to rip it to shreds.

In this roguelite and roguelike game you’ll switch between two modes of play. One has you piloting the mech, fighting for your life in a top-down 3D perspective. The other is a 2D, side-on view where you explore caves in a diving suit to gather the resources needed to upgrade the robot. Even though the caves look safer, I think I’d rather be in the robot. It has a ton of weapons you can try to create different builds each run.

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If you want to check out Ocean Keeper for yourself, you can grab the free demo on Steam, right here. There’s no launch date set for the game just yet, so be patient while you wait.

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