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Oculus just won an Emmy for a short film about a hedgehog called Henry


Oculus just won an Emmy award for Outstanding Original Interactive Program, thanks to a short film about a hedgehog who likes cuddles. 

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Henry, which released for the Facebook-owned headset earlier this year, is about the titular hedgehog and his quest for cuddles.

The spiky 3D critter is voiced byElijah Wood, while the short was directed by Ramiro Lopez Dau, known previously for animations like Monsters University, Cars 2, and Brave.

“We hope this represents a tipping point for the VR industry,” Dau told Variety. “We’ve wanted to show that VR is an art form – a place that welcomes storytellers and that even at this very, very early stage it can be a powerful tool for storytelling. This Emmy validates that vision.”

Oculus have been building up their portfolio of short films, with Henry following another offering, Lost, from earlier in the year.

“Lost and Henry are our contributions to a big and exciting conversation with the VR audience, with many VR movie studios and VR storytellers about what’s possible in VR,” added Oculus Story Studio Producer Edward Saatchi. “We feel that these are still just steps on the path to whatever a VR movie will become.”