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Oculus Rift consumer version and Oculus Home revealed at pre-E3 conference

Oculus Rift revealed

While Oculus VR revealed the design of the Oculus Rift over a month ago, today saw the developer properly unveil the thing, along with peripherals, at the pre-E3 conference, going into more detail. More, but not much, since vague pretty much sums up most of the show.

Specific details remain sparse, but the consumer version has been designed to be light, comfortable, with adjustable optics that take into account people with different spacing between their eyes.

As well as the Xbox One wireless controller, it will come with an external sensor that looks a hell of a lot like a tiny lamp. It’s understated, though, and takes up very little room. It can be plugged into a PC and then it’s ready to go.

“It couldn’t just be visual, it also had to be audio,” says Oculus. So the Rift will also come with a “refined” integrated audio system, described as 360 degree VR audio. If you don’t fancy the simple, black headphones, you can take them out and replace them with your own.

Comfort was emphasised over and over again. The Rift has “strap architecture,” which obviously sounds ridiculous. Basically, it doesn’t tug on your face, and Oculus says that you’ll be able to wear the headset for a long time without discomfort.

Oculus VR also announced thesystem requirementslast month.

The consumer version will come with a digital library and game platform, Oculus Home. There, you’ll be able to browse and select games to play, as well as jump into VR demos before purchasing games in the store. Like Steam, you’ll also be able to see what your friends are playing, and jump into their game. If you want to go on Oculus Home without plonking on the headset, you’ll be able to visit a 2D, browser based version as well.

The Oculus Rift has a release date of Q1, 2016.