Oculus Rift developer kits now shipping


According to a new OculusVR blog post the company “started shipping” the virtual reality headset “on Wednesday, but we haven’t shared tracking information yet because the team is still tied up at GDC in San Francisco.”

The upside of this tracking delay is that some backers will receive their headset before they receive their tracking updates.

Now that headsets are out in the open OculusVR have launched the development site where owners can learn all about coding for the devices and caring for the devices and feeding the devices and naming the devices and making the devices look their best at school photo day. Also, “You’ll find everything you need to start building VR content with your Rift development kit including the Oculus SDK, Unity and Unreal Engine integrations, samples, documentation, videos, the developer wiki, and community forums.”

Pretty awesome news, nay?

Thanks, Polygon.