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The Oculus Rift Internet Show: Skyrim

What would happen if you ate your real dinner in a virtual tavern using the Oculus Rift? Would you feel like your tongue was made of 3D? Would you slip into a sort of trans-dimensional culinary coma, in which your meals consisted of nothing but those giant wheels of cheese you see in RPGs all the time? The question has been perplexing scientists for centuries, but now we've finally answered it in this, the second episode of The Oculus Rift Internet Show.

It's the only show on the internet about the Oculus Rift that's been endorsed by celebrity guest host David Schwhimmer.

Have you got any experiments you'd like me to try in Oculus Rift? Not that I'm running out of ideas or anything, but yeah, pop those in the comments below if you want to see me ride a virtual reality dog or do a scientific handstand in Oculus Rift. And if you liked that, somehow, you can check out the previous episode here: The Oculus Rift Internet Show: Half-Life 2.

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Oude_Mo avatarAcid Hoover avatar
Oude_Mo Avatar
4 Years ago

"Oh god I feel so ill" lol. And kudos for the gigantic chickens!

Acid Hoover Avatar
4 Years ago

Based on that video, I reckon you should violate yourself whilst staring at your giant Skyrim lizard cock.