Oculus Rift no longer shipping with Doom BFG


OculusVR, makers of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, have reportedly emailed buyers of the development kit to tell them that it will no longer be shipping with a copy of Doom 3 BFG, claiming that they’ve “been informed that DOOM 3 BFG Edition will not support the Rift development kit by the time we begin shipping.” It’s not all bad news, however: the headset makers are providing each buyer with Steam store credit and Oculus store credit by way of recompense.

I say reportedly up top because I’ve yet to secure confirmation from Oculus themselves but one plucky Neogaf user, CrashPrime, has posted a copy of the email he says the company sent him:

“Update on DOOM 3

“When we launched the Kickstarter campaign, we said we’d bundle a copy of DOOM 3 BFG Edition with each development kit as an extra “Thank you.” Unfortunately, we’ve been informed that DOOM 3 BFG Edition will not support the Rift development kit by the time we begin shipping.
Since DOOM 3 won’t be available, we’d like to try and make it up to you.

“Replacement Rewards
If you were supposed to receive a DOOM 3 BFG Edition, we’ll replace it with one of the following rewards:

“- $20 Steam Wallet credit, perfect for buying your next game on Steam (including DOOM 3 BFG Edition without Rift developer kit support if you still want it).

“- $25 Oculus Store credit, which can be applied to future purchases at the Oculus Store including Oculus Latency Testers, new Oculus t-shirts, and more Rift development kits.

“- A full refund for your pledge. If you’re unhappy with the options above, we completely understand. Email us at [email protected], and we’ll be happy to discuss your specific order or refund your pledge in full.

“You’ll need to choose your new reward by logging into the Oculus Order Manager:https://www.oculusvr.com/sales/

Doom 3 was the first game used to demonstrate the capabilities of the Oculus Rift and advertised as coming bundled with headset as part of the Kickstarter campaign. Mind, the Steam store credit will cover the cost of a copy of Doom 3 and that will receive the compatibility update in the future.

We’ve reached out to OculusVR to try and confirm this news.