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UK retailer’s store display reveals £189.99 pricing for Oculus Touch controllers


If you’re willing to spend almost £200 on some controllers, you too can look as cool as that guy in that photo up there. According to a UK retailer’s store display, the Oculus Touch controllers will cost £189.99 over here. 

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There’s been no release date for the Oculus Touch controllers yet, but they’re expected to work similarly to the HTC Vive’s controllers, delivering a gaming experience far more immersive in VR than when holding a traditional pad.

Engadget reporter Nick Summers spotted the point-of-sale in UK videogame retailer GAME, so the leaked pricing is likely accurate. This also suggests a release date announcement is imminent.

If correct, this pricing would put the Oculus Rift in line with the pricing of the Vive, making the choice between the two devices less about price and more about quality.

No doubt we’ll find out moreat Oculus Connect on October 5. Until then, here’s why, when and how VR will fail.

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