Oculus Quest 2 update enhances PC air link quality

Air Link Framerate Insurance, or AFI for short, is a new Oculus Quest 2 firmware feature that enhances VR game streaming from your PC over WIFI


Oculus Air Link is getting a new experimental update, and it could make gameplay even smoother on the Oculus Quest 2. Dubbed Oculus Air Link Framerate Insurance (AFI), the enhanced feature improves gaming PC VR streaming over WIFI by reducing stuttering associated with cutting the cord.

Announced via the Oculus blog, AFI uses machine learning to fill in any gaps caused by wifi degradation. While previous solutions like Asynchronous Timewarp (AST) also help enhance performance, this new Quest 2 innovation kicks in when it detects a gap in data transmitted from your rig.

Prior to the new update, Meta also equipped its headset with Application Space Warp (ASW), a tool that lets developers trade frame rate for detail in games while also reducing any chance of motion sickness. Low fps is normally a cardinal sin when it comes to virtual reality, but the technology means your headset receives a fidelity bump and still fools your human brain with visual trickery.

The new AFI feature is disabled by default on the Meta Quest 2, but you can give it a whirl by following the steps included in the developer’s blog. It’s also advised that you disable ASW before diving in, as you might experience a few quirks.

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