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Oculus Quest 2 mod adds prescription lenses so you can finally see VR

A modder has created Oculus Quest 2 lens adapters that enable glasses wearer to use prescription lenses with a variety of VR headsets

An Oculus Quest 2 VR headset wearing cartoon glasses

There’s now an Oculus Quest 2 mod that arms your device with prescription lenses, something that could make all the difference while using Meta’s best VR headset. By using DIY lens adaptors, players can now delve into VR games without having to compromise sight or comfort, and you can even 3D print them at home.

Created by Tanvach, the Oculus Quest 2 lens adapters are also compatible with the original Quest and Rift S headsets (via Hackaday) While you’re going to need to order specific round lenses to fit into the 3D printed part, Tanvach includes instructions on how to order. Once you’ve got the right prescription parts to hand, all you need to do is print the parts.

If you rock a pair of spectacles, you’ll know how awkward using wearable technology can be. Slowly, but surely, the industry is starting to accommodate enthusiasts with something already occupying their face, as there’s even an Acer laptop with a 3D screen that doesn’t require additional goggles.

Tanvach’s Oculus Quest 2 lens adapters are a huge boon for glasses wearers, and they’ll no doubt help more players enjoy virtual reality in comfort. While the parts specifically cater to those with a single vision prescription, the DIY solution proves that small projects can make a difference in terms of tech accessibility.

Naturally, we’re not sure if the adapters will be compatible with the upcoming Oculus Quest 3 and Project Cambria, but as glasses wearers ourselves, we’ve got our fingers crossed.