Project Cambria, not Oculus Quest 2, is Meta’s main priority right now

Oculus Quest 2 might be Meta's VR poster child, but an internal memo reveals that its Project Cambria metaverse headset is one of the company's main priorities

Project Cambria headset on blue backdrop

The Oculus Quest 2 might be Meta’s best VR headset, but the social media giant is reported “laser focussed” on Project Cambria – a mixed reality platform that’s set to arrive this year. While the Quest 2 has proven itself as a gaming device, the company hopes to properly establish itself within the metaverse using the new pair of standalone goggles, which could in turn help it face fierce financial headwinds.

According to an internal “investment priorities” memo obtained by Reuters, Project Cambria will help drive the firm’s key metaverse priorities, namely Avatars and Horizon Worlds. Meta’s Chief product officer Chris Cox also says the launch of Cambria will help inaugurate a “prosumer/industrial-grade mixed reality product line,” something that suggests more devices are on the cards.

The memo may cover VR ambitions, but the Oculus Quest 2 isn’t included on the priority list. While you can create an Avatar and download Horizon Worlds on Quest 2 for free, it looks like Project Cambria will be pushed as the company’s shining metaverse star later this year.

Cox says that CEO Mark Zuckerberg will elaborate on Meta’s priorities in an upcoming Q&A, so more metaverse headset info is potentially on the horizon. The memo might skimp on mentioning anything Oculus Quest related, but there’s still a chance we’ll hear more about the Oculus Quest 3, even if it’s not a part of the conglomerate’s “prosumer” lineup.