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Watch us recount the best games of 1997, referencing the Spice Girls as we go

best games 1997

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s 2017. And you know what that means? It’s also 20 years since 1997, which is also known around PCGamesN HQ as the best year for  games ever. And that has nothing, we repeat, nothing to do with how much we love Posh and Becks. So to celebrate this important anniversary, and also to help us forget that we’re actually in 2017 and humanity is disintegrating before our weary eyes, we’re recounting the very best PC games of 1997.

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And because it’s 2017, we’re doing it through the medium of a YouTube listicle. In case you couldn’t recall the best and most wonderful chunks of PC gaming from 1997 off the top of your head, we’ve covered such highlights as Dungeon Keeper, Ultima Online, the second instalments of both Tomb Raider and Quake, and of course that game about a downtrodden race of aliens that achieve emancipation by farting and whistling their way out of an evil and wicked corporation.

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