Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee is free on Steam for very a limited time


Any game with a fart button deserves to be remembered as a classic, and Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee really is a classic. Blending platforming, stealth and puzzles, it had a bit of something for everyone and was crammed with personality – there’s more charm in Abe’s otherworldly mind control chant than there is in most of today’s videogame characters altogether. 

It’s essentially a really long escort mission, asking you to save all of your factory working friends before they’re turned into canned food. Spoiler: you’ll accidentally kill a lot of them and you will feel really bad. But then you’ll knock yourself out by running into a wall and one of them will laugh – suddenly mincing them into tiny cubes seems quite reasonable. Then you’ll fart and you’ll all laugh together and you’ll feel bad again.

Later you’ll find Abe’s people, the Mudokons, in their natural environment. They are a spiritual race and you’ll come across some of them praying on their knees – fart in their faces forever. Best game.

It might look a bit dated now, especially next to its New ‘n’ Tasty remake, but the core is pretty much unchanged. Oh yeah, it’s also free on Steam right now, but you have to be quick – the offer ends at 10am PT. Follow me.