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Colorful new Steam roguelike with amazing weapon system playable now

Take up arms against cybernetic Norse gods in Odinfall, as this incredible twin-stick roguelike gets a new demo for Steam Next Fest.

Odinfall Steam demo

Odinfall is a roguelike to watch. Blending Norse mythology with technology, and channeling the top-down pixel art twin-stick action of Enter the Gungeon into something totally fresh, it’s a frenetic shooter with a lot more structure than I initially anticipated. With a new demo as part of Steam Next Fest, you can suit up as one of the techno-mythological characters, and blast your way through Norse gods with some serious cybernetic enhancements.

Taking up arms as a Norse warrior, miner, or even a moose, you run through a selection of randomly generated levels in Odinfall. You pick up weapons, use parts of the terrain for cover, and dart around the barrage of bullets to stay alive as you make your way through each environment.

Odinfall sets itself apart from other roguelike games in some really inventive ways. The levels are destructible, there are plenty of skill trees to upgrade through from the word go, and every weapon you find can be turned into an overpowered monstrosity with mods. The gold you find lets you buy any weapon mods you come across, and all the attachments stack to give you tools of absolute destruction.

So while I’m darting in and out of cover, I’m also looking for health pickups, new weapons, and mods to help take me as far as I can go. You can fire multiple shots at once, ammo can bounce around the level, or you can set everyone your bullet touches on fire. Combined with the procedural generation, Odinfall’s weapon system makes for on-the-fly decision making and truly engaging roguelike play – this is something special.

Odinfall even has online co-op so you can do all this with a friend, but please keep calm when the screen is filled with bullets, shrapnel, lasers, enemies, and explosions.

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With some stunning pixel art and a techno-mythology mashup that feels truly inspired, the fact that Odinfall has no release date to speak of genuinely upsets me. The demo is fantastic, and while it’ll keep us busy for a while, I just want to know exactly when I can expect the rest of it.

The Odinfall demo is a part of Steam Next Fest until Monday June 17, so make sure you download it before then. You can find the game right here.

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