Offworld Trading Company DLC sticks you on an asteroid that runs out of resources

Offworld Trading Company Ceres Initiative DLC

Space-mining is set to get a bit Armageddon-y as Offworld Trading Company’s new DLC lets you land on an asteroid and suck up all its precious Uranium.

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In the Ceres Initiative, you leave Mars for the biggest hunk of rock in our asteroid belt, Ceres, where there’s a new resource waiting for you to find. Uranium’s useful for keeping nuclear power plants running, a new unit in the expansion which helps keep your settlers warm while they tumble through space on a frozen pile of cosmic debris.

However, given asteroids are, y’know, small and composed of finite amounts of matter, you’ll quickly find yourself running out of precious resources as you dig for greed or survival.

Uranium is only found on these floating space rocks, so filling your pockets may be a good shout if you plan to fulfill the name of the game and trade your rare commodity elsewhere, but try not to do a Bruce Willis and drill it to bits.

You can grab the Ceres Initiative DLC£3.99/$4.99 from Steam.